Work Authorization Form

Please fill out the form below to authorize work from Superior Mold Services

    ABC Property Enterprises, LLC DBA Superior Mold Services (hereinafter “Superior Mold Services and Customer (here in after “Client”) named above agree as follows:
    Work Authorization: Client, with full authority and consent of all owners of the Property (as described above), authorizes ABC Property Enterprises, LLC DBA Superior Mold Services to enter the property to provide water dry-out services to the property. This work authorization shall constitute the contractual obligations of the client (the “Contract”).
    Superior Mold Services shall provide such services and invoices for services accordingly. All invoices shall be submitted directly to Client. PAYMENTS MUST BE MADE IMMEDIATELY UPON COMPLETION OF SERVICE
    Prices: Unless price is agreed upon here $
    Client understands that it is impractical to give an accurate quote for services before completion. I have been supplied with Superior Mold Services standard price list and agree to pay the prices listed. Superior Mold Services agrees to keep accurate records and provide documentation if requested. In the event this agreement is terminated then Superior Mold Services shall be entitled to payment for the services and materials provided up to and including the date of termination at the rates listed in the price list.
    Authorized Antiviral and Antimicrobial Agents: I understand that in the best judgment Superior Mold Services, materials may be treated with commercial antiviral and antimicrobial agents in order to inhibit the growth of viruses and other micro organisms during the disinfection process. Items and materials may also be treated using high power steam. I have received advanced notice of the use of high-power steam as well as the use of antiviral and/or antimicrobial products as part of the disinfection process. I understand it is beyond the expertise of Superior Mold Services to determine if someone is sensitive to its application and will hold Superior Mold Services harmless for its use. Client understand that several things that can be done to reduce mold growth and damage to affected materials. (1) Water can be removed as quickly and as thoroughly as possible. (2) Antimicrobial agents can be applied to inhibit the growth of mold and other bio-contaminants. (3) Rapid air-movement can be introduced into areas and cavities to increase the rate of evaporation. (4) The relative humidity indoors can be reduced and then maintained between 25% and 45% Rh if possible.
    Assumption of Risk, Hold Harmless, and Release and Waiver of Liability: The Client hereby agrees and understands that there is an inherent risk of damages to persons or property due to known, unknown, unforeseen and unanticipated risks which are not assumed by Superior Mold Services therefore, in consideration of Superior Mold Services performing the required services, I also agree to assume these inherent risks and hereby release and hold Superior Mold Services harmless, and indemnify Superior Mold Services against any and all damages, claims or actions that may result from any and all inherent risks or damages caused by the services, materials and/or work provided under this Agreement. Viruses and other naturally occurring microscopic organisms are easily spread through contact with contaminated individuals or materials. Some Viruses spread through the air. As such Superior Mold Services cannot provide any guarantee to prevent against recontamination from other sources. Client is advised to take proper precautions to secure the property and follow up with proper after care to maintain a virus free environment. Superior Mold Services shall not be responsible for any recontamination, infection or personal or property damages occurring after the work has been completed.
    Equipment Responsibility: Client understands that they are responsible for loss or theft of drying equipment while in their care and custody and will take reasonable precautions to insure that this drying equipment is not lost or stolen.
    Safety: If dehumidifiers or air movers must be moved, they must be shut off and unplugged as it may be hazardous to move these units while they are operating. Exposed tackless strip is a danger even when covered; Client will be careful when walking near tackless strip. The floors may be slippery when wet; Client agrees to take extreme care if walking on or from wet flooring materials.

    Client agrees to satisfy all invoices provided by Superior Mold Services for the services described immediately upon the complete of services. Any payments not made in a timely manner will be subject to an 18% per month interest rate, to be paid by client. In the event that Superior Mold Services must initiate any legal action to collect any sums due under any invoices provided, Superior Mold Services shall be entitled to be paid all court costs and expenses, including reasonable attorneys' fees, incurred by Superior Mold Services with respect to such collection action at all levels including any appeal or post judgment matters, including any and all attorneys' fees and costs incurred in enforcing or collecting any judgment rendered therein.

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