Water Dry Out

Superior Water Dry Out

Water Dry Out

We know how stressful being a homeowner can be. Even after taking extra steps to keep your home out of harm’s way, the safety of your home can suddenly take a turn. If you’re suffering the consequences of an issue resulting from no fault of your own, let us give you a hand. At SUPERIOR, we can help with the following:

  • Water Damage Clean Up
  • Flood Damage Clean Up
  • Floor Water Extraction
  • Pipe Burst Clean Up
  • Mold Removal

If you’re experiencing water damage, you must make emergency repairs to prevent further damage. We offer same day dry out services. Direct insurance billing maybe available depending on your insurance and their rules. We always provide all of the appropriate and necessary documentation for you to provide to the insurance company to assist with getting reimbursed if direct billing is not available. In the meantime, here’s a few things you can do:

  • If possible, shut off the source of water
  • Shut off electrical breaker of the water damage affected area
  • Take detailed photos of all damage, and source of issue (as many as possible)
  • Keep out of the water as much possible to avoid injury or contaminated water

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Superior Water Dry Out

How We Can Help


  • We asses the damage, the source of the problem, and work with you to create a specification plan of action
  • After controlling the source of the water, we determine the contamination level of the water, and how to approach
  • We recover as many of your valuables as possible, and prevent further damage to other valuables
  • Using extraction equipment, the water will be removed, and the drying process will begin
  • Area will be completely dried and ready for restoration