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Questions and Answers


Where does the sample go to be tested?

If they say “we buy test kits from the local hardware store,” then run. The most credible inspectors have testing labs that they do their work out of. At Superior Mold Services we have our samples tested at a accredited Lab.

Seriously, if the location of mold/water damage is obvious… do you need to do any initial testing?

  • Depends if you are concerned about pre-existing mold in the settled dust air.
  • Depends if you are concerned about mold in the AC and/or ducting.
  • And if you are doing an inspection for an insurance claim, the Carrier usually wants (swab) test even if the mold is obvious.
  • Superior Mold Services tests the entire home so there are no surprises during the Clearance test


What type of report do you give?

Some Companies just give you the laboratory data and don’t tell you what it means or what to do next. Superior Mold Services will give you a complete detailed report with protocol and laboratory data. The Superior’s Mold Inspector will communicate with the remediator during the entire process to be sure the job gets done correctly. 

Should I go with a company that offers free mold inspections?

Mold inspections done correctly will always costs money. You can not see mold in air so samples must be taken to complete a complete full inspection.

What is your turn around time for the report and results?

In most cases same day depending on inspection time and lab

Does your company carry insurance?

Yes we carry 1 Million  EO insurance along with 1 Million General Liability insurance 









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