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Mold Is Everywhere

Mold is everywhere and is common in most workplace and household dust. They reproduce by spores, and when the spores are in large quantities, they become health problems to humans because they have the potential for causing respiratory problems and allergic reactions....

Things You Should Know About Mold Inspection

Important Things You Should Know About Mold Inspection  Mold inspections need to be performed by a qualified mold inspector who has formal training and experience with mold inspections. Training and experience are necessary. Mold inspectors should look for evidence of...

Mold In Home

Mold in homes causes numerous problems. House mold problems go beyond an unpleasant smell or unsightly stains on carpets, walls or ceilings. No one wants those things in their home, of course, but mold also contributes to a number of health problems, some quite...

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